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As a child, I grew up in Guatemala, always exposed to the people's rich culture and traditions.  This eGallery is the result of many years of collecting items for their cultural and aesthetic beauty.

The Swedish word  Döstädning refers to the concept of being intentional about finding a new home for everything you no longer wish to keep (e.g., give to family/friend, sell, or donate). This is a concept that I would like to embrace at this point in my life.

Raúl Moreno - Propiator

The Mythology of the Mayan Cayuco



bone 2.JPG
bone cayuco crop.jpg

Tikal, Guatemala. Late classic Maya culture.


An incised bone from the Late Classic Burial 116 in Temple 1 at Tikal shows the “Paddler Gods” and other creatures escorting the Maize God across the primordial sea at the beginning of creation. At the front is “Jaguar Paddler,” identified by his headdress. At the rear is “Stingray Paddler,” and in the middle is the Maize God whose head is tapered to resemble a maize cob.


The canoe (cayuco) is tilted slightly, an indication that they are delivering him to the Underworld. The Paddlers were “underworld” figures of great importance, steering the Maize God and his animal companions - a parrot, monkey, iguana, and some other odd mammal — into the depths of the water.

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