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Vintage Wood Masks

Welcome History into Your Space with Vintage Wood Masks

As long as people have come together in celebration, masks have also been part of the dance. No matter what culture they came from, our selection of vintage wood masks reflect the world and beliefs around us in colorful relief. At Cayuco eGallery we have spent years wandering the world and have collected masks from harvest festivals, religious rituals, and long-forgotten cultures. You will discover the face of an animal spirit, beloved ancestor, or theatrical character on these carved creations. Hang them in your home to add character, fun, and an elemental vibe to your decor.
If you would love to add a vintage wood mask to your collection go to Contact us to inquire about the origin of each piece, its price, and shipping information for international customers. Browse our other offerings and add another item to your basket along with the vintage wood masks of your choosing.

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