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Expand Your Historical Hunting Collection with Our Vintage Word Source Slingshots

Before there were guns, man still needed to hunt to collect food for their village. Slingshots became a key part of the Guatemalan way of life as they were used to feed the family each and every day. Our vintage word source slingshots combine the best of folk art and function. Each piece is unique and reflects the humble life of its creator. The ancient pieces that have survived often included a carved base that represented the type of animal that the slingshot was used to hunt, whether for daily consumption, or as part of a ceremonial celebration.
Add a vintage word source slingshot to your weaponry collection and add depth of character, time, and function to the array of knives, bows, and other primitive items. Cayuco eGallery's were collected during our worldwide travels and now seek a new home with a person that will admire and respect their history. If you would love to check out our vintage word source slingshots for sale, go to our site today at

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