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Coinage of Guatemala

The first coins used in what is now Guatemala were Spanish Dollars. Independence saw the brief introduction of Mexican Real, followed by the Federal Republic of Central America Real. In 1859, the Guatemalan Peso (worth 8 reales) was introduced, and the centavo sub-denomination was introduced 10 years later in 1869. However, the real coin continued to be used until 1912, when it was finally demonetized. Rafael Carrera's portrait was added to the obverse of Guatemalan coins in 1866, the year after his death.

In 1925, the Quetzal unit was introduced, and coins of 1, 5, 10 centavos and a quarter, half, and 1-quetzal coins issued. Half and 2 centavo coins were issued in 1932. Coins of 5 centavos and above were struck in 72% silver until 1965.

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