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Highlight Your Home or Gallery with a Vintage Peruvian Carved Gourd

As long as humans have held tools, we have been decorating our world. Our collection vintage Peruvian carved gourds have come to the Cayuco eGallery straight from Per and represent the rich and beautiful history and culture of its people. These vintage Peruvian carved gourds add a unique energy to a room, elevates a simple piece of furniture, and tells a story. Each one of these vintage Peruvian carved gourds reflects the culture of the people that created it.
Our collection of vintage Peruvian carved gourds are ready to cross the country and bring a new vibe to your home decor. If you would like to check out our collection of vintage Peruvian carved gourds, go check out our site at We would love to bring a piece of this beautiful culture back to your home. 

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