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Torito Mexican Mask
  • Torito mask from Lucero, Veracruz, Mexico. Aproximate size is (not including the horns) 6" wide x 9 1/2" high x 4" deep. Circa 1950. The mask is well maid and well used. The horns are carved of wood, and the ears are rubber crafted from an old inner tube. The back of the mask has a very fine patination, and the backside carving extends all the way down to the nostrils.

Torito Mexican Mask

$375.00 Regular Price
$281.25Sale Price
  • The dancer evokes a tradition of slavery that existed 150 years ago on the coast of Veracruz, Mexico. African slaves left their employers' farms once a year to organize a party. Eventually, the party became a carnival.

    Carnival dancers kick and shake tiredness, move their hips, scream, raise their arms and merge into multicolored costumes. Its horned wooden masks with animal figures paint the settings of a village reminiscent of 17th-century slavery.

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