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  • This beutiful hand-made helmet - style dance comes from the state of Guerrero, Mexico. It is approximately 10" high, 11 " wide, and 8" across at the bottom opening. It is made of leather  and has boar bristles and mirrored eyes. 

Jaguar Leather Mexican Mask

$550.00 Regular Price
$412.50Sale Price
  • Dance of the Tecuani or Tecuanes

    The Word "Tecuani" comes from the Nahuatl meaning "something you eat." The Dance is a representation that describes the misdeeds of the tiger, which hunts and gives death to a deer, thus representing the efforts of several dancers to capture it. In this dance, some characters are wounded by the tiger and are cured by the "Doctor". In The end the tiger is killed by the hunters and their skin is devoured by the zopilotes. The Characters of this dance use a mask usually of calf skin, with mustache and beard made with the hairs of horsehair of horse, except the four zopilotes that are dressed in black. Generally, this dance is danced in Tuxpan, Ciudad Altamirano, Huitzuco etc.

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