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Topeng Balinese Hanuman Monkey Dance Wooden Mask

Size: 12" tall, 7" wide, 8" deep  

Calligraphy carved in the back means "Anoman".


This is a mask of Hanuman, the white monkey, son of Bayu Wakya, the God of Wind. He is a favorite among many people because of what he symbolizes. He symbolizes loyalty, devotion, and honesty. He flies, is magic, can change sizes at any point, is very strong, and is a great leader.





Topeng Balinese Hanuman Monkey Dance Wooden Mask

$250.00 Regular Price
$187.50Sale Price

  • Lord Hanuman is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The son of Kesari and Anjana, Hanuman was born on the full moon day during the Hindu month of Chaitra on a Tuesday. Hence, devotees worship Sri Hanuman on Tuesdays. If you were to go by the gregorian calendar, then Hanuman Jayanti would coincide with a day in March or April. Moreover, Tuesdays are called Mangalvar in Hindi, meaning a day of auspiciousness. Interestingly, Hanuman is also called Chiranjeevi, meaning he is immortal. He exists in some form or the other even today.

    More revered as the faithful devotee of Shri Rama, Hanuman is known for his strength and knowledge. He is also known as Pavan Putra because the God of the winds carried the blessings of Lord Shiva and conveyed the message about his birth to Mata Anjana.

    Also known as Bajrangbali, Hanuman's unshakable faith in his Lord (Rama) inspires millions of people even today. He epitomises selfless service and devotion. There can be none like him. Here's a small story that proves his undying devotion for Shri Rama.

    After the war against Ravana, Sita returned to Ayodhya with her husband, Rama. They honoured all those who contributed in the battle from their side by giving them a token of thanks. Mata Sita, gave Hanuman, the pearl necklace she was wearing, as a gesture of appreciation for his efforts. Hanuman accepted it respectfully but tore it soon after. Everyone who witnessed Hanuman's action wondered why he ruined the present given by Sita. But his answer left people speechless. He said that no matter how precious things are, they are meaningless to him if they don't have Shri Rama. Later, to prove what he meant, he tore his chest apart with his own hands to show an image of his Lord and his consort reflecting gloriously.

    One can worship Hanuman during any day of the week, but Tuesdays are considered more auspicious. Hence, people visit temples dedicated to Hanuman on Tuesdays. One can achieve success, peace, happiness, strength and courage by worshipping him.

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